Company List was founded in Split 24th September 1993 under Auditing law and has been active on Croatian audit market since the beginning of auditing business in democratic Croatia. First work permit was issued to us by Ministry of Finance on 10th November 1993 with a decision that List fulfills conditions for auditing. Pursuant to Article 55 of the Croatian Auditing law (NN 146/05), Croatian audit chamber has issued 4th May 2007 active permit for auditing to us.

 Company founders

Lejo, Ivan
Ivanišević, Jurica
Slišković, dr Davor
Tomasović, Josip


      auditing services,
      financial and accounting services,
      financial analisys and control,
      tax and bussines in general counselling,
      estimating asset or bussiness values,
      judical expertise,
      creation and economical evaluation of investment projects.

 Current company members

      Josip Tomasović, dipl. oec, authorised auditor,
      Jurica Ivanišević, dipl. oec., authorised auditor,
      Ljiljana Bajurin, dipl. oec., authorised auditor.

 Administration department members

      Josip Tomasović

 Financial data

      PIN: 01008232760
      Identification number: 0477257
      MBS: 060080750
      Giro account at Zagrebačka bank: 2360000-1101500488
      Subscribed capital: 20.000 kuna, paid at founding,
      Balance sheet at the end of year 2009. = 1.400.000 kn,
      Capital at the end of year 2009. = 1.200.000 kn,
      Overall income in year 2009. = 4.200.000 kn.

 Scientific cooperation

      List Ltd. has concluded a cooperation agreement, 10th May 2001, with Faculty of Economical science Split, for the followig areas:

      syllabus realisation,
      student practical education,
      shared scientific and professional papers and
      shared relationship towards other partners.